Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Toilet humour

Things that made me laugh and smile this week all revolved around Doodelbug and her toileting - I am sorry to say.

The firest i am very proud of - at age 15 mos she has decided it is time to potty train herself, so she brings her bright pink turtle potty to us and annouces "Vee Vee" - not sure where she got the german accent from but needless to say we know what she wants!

So we started going through the actions of pulling the nappy and trousers down and letting her sit for a while, occassionally having to retrieve her investigative fingers! Imagine our surprise when she did actually perform and its not just once - it is happening more and more often - YAY to Doodlebug - what a clever girl you are!

Trouble is now it is a game too and no sooner have you hoiked the pants back up but Vee vee is called out again !

The other thing that tickled me this week was being in Tesco's and seeing all teh england products at half price after the footie's disappointing start. Fluffy and i often laugh at the ridiculous things that the england flag is added to - the most recent one was a baby dummy and bottle. Well then i spotted packs of England nappies at half price! Now i would normally consider that to be ultra Chavvy but at half price I am having some of those! So my dear daughter is now sporting chav pants! OMG Doodlebug - please do not bend over!

I keep chuckling at the thought its not very PC having her tiddling on the flag!

Well that's my rambling for today and a pic from this morning of the cheeky girl!


  1. first of all, CONGRATS! with the potty training. Humbug was almost 3 and a half when she finally got it. She knew when she needed to go, but getting it through to her that she had to sit on the pot for longer than 30 seconds was the tricky part! She'd get so stroppy that it didn't happen immediately!

    ooh, love your question today! I'm in the middle of ironing, but had to stop to answer. YOu sound pretty sorted, but here are few ideas.

    Best thing for covering a table is not a tablecloth, but a plain sheet (not fitted!). I get them from Primark, as a single is less than a fiver and huge! Then get hold of tulle netting or organza and layer up. Looks dreamy and pretty, and is inexpensive. I buy mine online from this place
    You can use the sheet for other projects afterwards, or keep it for using as a tablecloth.

    Make sure you tie it to the legs with ribbon, looks pretty but stops it moving about and pulling everything off the table.

    You can make the food girly by adding pink food colouring to things like cream, if you are having strawbs, and Sainbury's still sell the frilly paper cups for jelly - do you remember those? I love them! So retro. You can buy paper cupcake cuffs online to make cakes -homemade or shop bought - look a bit special. I buy mine from here
    If you are out in the garden, fill up watering cans and buckets with flowers & foliage from the garden and dot around

    chuck butterfly confetti over the table, places like The Range sell it, but so do many supermarkets.
    Make sure you have jars of brightly coloured flowers on the table. Little details make little children feel special :O)

    Oh, and I just LOVE this idea. Will mention it on CR one day, as it's just lovely.


    Right. I hope this gives you a bit of help! I'll have to toodle off now. Ironing needs doing and Blogger will tell me off for being too wordy! ;o)

  2. p.s if you need more cake stands of different heights, don't forget to use upturned teacups of bowls, and place a pretty plate on top. Very easy to do and looks good :O) ooh, doilies are always a nice touch too. So old fashioned, but so pretty :O)

  3. oh yes, thought of something else. Have you heard of Fairy Bread? I hadn't until I was watching Neighbours and they mentioned it. I googled it, and it's basically slices of bread, spread with butter then covered in hundreds & thousands and cut into triangles. I think it's perfect for kids!


  4. I was going to email you a couple of photos, but can't find an email address. Would you email it to me at littledailynotebook@yahoo.co.uk please :O)