Friday, 16 July 2010

Fou Fou

At long last Doodlebug is starting to say Mummy - not often i grant you - its usually dad-dee, or nan-nee, but mum-mee is popping up occassionaly. It s funny how her words are coming together. She waffles on in her own funny little language for ages and sometime seems quite determined when she is telling you something yet you havent a clue what it is! Like Fou Fou.....we spent weeks not knowing what the heck a fou fou was. It always cropped up in the garden, and completely flummoxed me and her brother Fluffy. Then one day she spotted something and said FOU FOU - we looked and it was a DOG! Of course Fou Fou , sounds a bit like woof woof. I am so glad i am writing this down cos i will never remember these things! And for those that dont know - Num Num is a banana! Its obvious really isnt it!
Oh i mustn't forget to mention how proud I am of Fluffy - he has finally broken the fear of bike riding and his new (if expensive!!) bike has done the trick. He now cycles freely and easily an d cant wait to get on the bike. Bravo my boy! And a huge well done on his school report. He has finally improved his listening skills and is excelling in Art, ICT, science and maths. The report was glowing and i am very very proud. He is on the gifted and talented list for ICT too and to top it all off he is also only 2 belts away from black belt at Kung Fu - so so proud and I probably dont brag enough about him on here as its usually about Doodbugs expliots which are funny but Fluffy makes me smile just as much and for all the right reasons. Like insisting on always making his teachers presents instead of buying and always looking after his little sister. He is a good boy and I love him heaps! Off soon to buy more pretties for the christening - dress bought and is soooo gorgeous, glass tea light holders to hang in the trees bought from Hampton Court Flower show along with some glorious bunting i got there too - oh i am praying for sunshine cos i want a perfectly pretty garden party for her special day!

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