Saturday, 23 January 2010

How to begin...?

Well now that I have taken the first steps to becoming a blogger, where do i begin? I want this blog to be about me and my children so that they will have our memories typed up for when I am old and crinkly and can't remember anything. OK so I can't remember much as it is now, at the ripe old age of 42, but that I like to think is down to "Mummy brain". Well having a baby at 41 is, I can tell you, a HUGE shock to the system. Yes my sweet baby girl (aka "Doodlebug") arrived in my 41st year and boy do we know we have her! She is my little monster. 10 mos old and already a whirling dervish! Adorable, cute, funny, cheeky and naughty! How can one so small be all of this I keep asking myself, but she really is a character and soooo ful of beans. I was used to my placid son "Fluffy" - he was my first born and was quiet, calm and chilled out. Doodlebug is his complete opposite - noisy, full of beans and completely cheeky! I adore them both of course for all their qualities and because I made them - with the help of their dad!
Well this is all I have to say right now, as I need to get ready for my 25 yr school reunion - need tummy control pants (damn forgot to buy some), oh well wear black then - that will hide the lumps n bumps left over from having the baby - what? that was 10 mos ago - oh yes I REALLY must diet soon!!!