Sunday, 22 August 2010

Busy Busy Busy and SEW much still to do

Holiday in 3 days time and typical me, I decided I wasnt going to spend £12 on those fancy but oh so gorgeous flip flops that they sell on the high street - no I was going to buy a cheap material pair and customise it myself with pretty buttons and beads. This is my finished effort.

Not only that but I remembered i have 3 items of clothing to take up (using my new sewing machine which i have only tried out once) for the holiday and to top it off I decided i wanted to finally make the ruffle t-shirt makeover as seen on Tea Rose Home blog ( - well actually I decided to go for the pretty flower makeover one instead. Actually u cant really see it properly hee - but i was pleased with it! Yes thats so typical of me - always having a million and one creative projects to be done (mostly picked up from lots of talented bloggers) and I decide to do them all 3 days before holiday!!! Well trousers taken up (2 more to do), t-shirt prepped (45 circles cut out - ouch my scissor fingers hurt!), beads strung and ready to be sew on to flip flops, and only the restto do tomorrow...oh yeah and forgot , I have still gotto make the remainder of teh 19 thank you cards for Doodlebug's christening gifts! WHY do i do itto myself - i bet no one really is that impressed (they SHOULD be - I used my pretty polka dot mini buttons on the cards - i'll be snatching them back!! LOL!) I guess i do it cos i love it - i may not be as talented as Tea Rose Home with her beautiful sewing or all the other ladies i follow on the blogs, but I have been mildly impressed taht I have managed to produce something that I made and I like. Just wish it didnttake me hours when all teh tutorials say a 20 minute project. Oh well I guess i'll get quicker! h I almost forgot I also tackled making my first ever REAL curry using individual spices, courtesy of my friend Rita AND it worked outgreat , albeit a tad too hot - too much chilli powder this time, But it was yum (between slurps of apple juice to cool my tongue)

Hey this has been all about me me me tonight. Thought it was sposed to be about my kids. Well I am thinking I might add a few creative touches in here too so when i am old, I can look back and smile. Hey maybe i'll get a couple more readers too - ha ha. Will postthe photos when i finish t he projects IF I GET TIME

Good night from me x

Monday, 9 August 2010

The day finally arrived

Yes finally Doodlebug's christening day arrived - something i had been preparing for for months. There were lists everywhere. I knew exactly the dress, the theme, the decor and the songs I wanted - it was more like a wedding (but seeing as it is a dream to be a wedding planner, I am not surprised). The dress arrived, the cake (made by Sylv) was taken to be decorated, and the decorations were painstakingly made (see Life is beautiful blog for ideas on vases) and much to OH annoyance the bills totted up. I could hear his grinding teeth. But this was my baby girl's special day and i wanted it to be perfect. I even decided i wanted to make mostof the food and hence was still up at 11.15pm making the creme pattiserie! Then again at6.30 am to decorate the tart with fruit. I had also set my heart on Peonies for the flowers and was most disappointed when i was t old they were not in season....BUT those angels and fairies were listening to me because as i popped into Tesco - I was amazed to find 2 bunches of pretty pink peonies (and better still one was reduced!!) They'd be perfect with the creamy white roses i had already got). Thank you tesco fairies!

But all this effort was worth it - just look at how pretty the house looked. I want to thank Sadie from Cotton Rose blog for her help in teaching me how to decorate a beautiful feminine table. With her advice i managed to buy some beautiful sheer organza, which i threw over a double sheet (utilised as a table cloth) and tied at the legs with ribbonand decorated with a flower hair slide! It looked GORGE!

The bunting in the garden was not made but was bought at Hampton Court Flower show. Too pretty! and the trees were decorated with tiny glass and bead tea light holders, altho i dont have a close up of them - silly me!
On to church and we finally all arrived just in time - a little sweaty but we made it! It was a beautiful service, with 2 of my fave hymns, Holy Holy and Gloria (both really jiggy). Doodlebug was on her best behaviour and looked beautiful. She was a little star and we were all so proud of her esp her big brother. She now has 3 god mothers and a god father to watch out for her. So without further ado, here i present my pretty christened beauty.

Then it was back to the house for a busy busy BBQ and garden party - praying teh weather would hold. Despite it being busy,I was so lucky that i had a lot of people to help. My dad and uncle T manned the BBQ like professionals, H and T grabbed pinnies and washing up brushes, I mixed Pimms and the kids ran riot - actually they were pretty good and had lots of fun. I was so pleased the day went almost without a hitch and i want to thank everyone for all their help.

My little princess got some lovely gifts - 2 braclets, 3 necklaces, trinket box, a beautiful silver box witha silver sixpence and a mini guardian angel inside and a girls firts diamond ring on a necklace (swarovski really but oh so pretty!) She is going to adore these as she gets older. So far she is only allowed to wear one of her bracelets as that is Doodlebug proof!
Altho this day was all about Doodlebug, I must not leave out the Fluffy boy! He was a perfect star and helped mew clear up and was just wonderful. Love them both to bits!
Now to get the photos printed and scrapped!