Friday, 21 May 2010

Been a long time gone!

I havent posted for simply ages and feel i really should get my A in gear and start again!

So much has happened since i last waffled on here.

Doodlebug started walking (at least i dont think she was doing it when i last blogged!) No running is more like it - just like her brother did. She did it just a week after her 1st bday and then the teeth started popping through - so we are on permanent teething now. 7 so far all since march! She has permanent rosy cheeks, dry skin and sore butt! Poor love and poor Fluffy as she keeps biting his head every time a new tooth arrives. In fact she beats him up no end! The other day i caught her with a heavy Dora doll just as she whacked him over the head! This was after the dalek attack whilst he was laying in the bath! Yes dear reader Doodlebug is a tad naughty and boisterous. She dresses like a lady in her bangles and pretty shoes but boy can she wallop like a boy!

Fluffy is learning about the Tudors now and recently visited Anne of Cleves house with the school. I gave him the motherly chat about don't waste your money on rubbish - buy something that will help you remember your trip. So i wondered what delight he would bring home - a pencil with Anne's head on it? A mini head chopper? a paper folding model that would never get made? But i was pleasantly surprised to see that he had listened to my advice and was very proud to show me the miniature metal Henry VIII keyring. he said - now i will remember my trip - GOOD BOY!

I have so much to say and i think i will have to leave out most of it or this will expand forever. So one final thing......I can't recall if i mentioned Doodle's hair always in her eyes and the fact that she always pulls out the slides or hair tie that i put in - well she has discovered head bands and skillfully puts it on her head every morning -in fact today she ate her porridge wearing her pink gingham headband and red and white polka dot 1950's sunshades - how chic ! Wish i had the camera! Instead i leave you witha pick of a top knot that stayed in all of 3 seconds! Cute while it lasted!

As ever my babies are my complete delight and as naughty and cheeky as they can be - i adore them! xx


  1. I just saw your comment and have come flying over to say thank you! I think that has to be one of the nicest comments I have ever read, and I take it as a huge compliment :o)

    Yes, you can decorate and do makeovers on a budget. I'm a full time mum and as you know - we don't get paid!!! So I really enjoy coming up with ideas to make a difference to the home on as cheap a budget as poss. My Top Tip is buy paint and not be afraid to use it! Have confidence and just go for it. Sometimes things work out, other times they don't, but if you don't try you will never know. Check out places like Dunelm and the Range, you can get some great looking stuff at a fraction of the cost of Cath K or Laura A.

    You have your work cut out with your little Teething Princess! Hard work! But, for every tough day there are too many good ones to count. Mummying is the best job there is! enjoy your afternoon

    sadie x

  2. I'm so glad you've made a start! I don't really dust silk flowers, just take them outside for a good shake now and then, and they'll be fine :o)

    Shouldn't worry about your 'bargain'! ;o) Just enjoy the fact that they were even more of a bargain than usual! Love Dunelm's flowers, great prices and absolutely brilliant looking.

    You need to post photos as and when you add new SC styled things, I'd love to see!


  3. What a little cutie! It can't be much fun teething, can it?
    It's amazing to hear and see what they learn each day at that age! I'm sure they keep you very busy!!
    My little grandaughter (2 and a half), gave her mum a big cuddle, and said, "Love you, mummy!" the other day. It makes it all worth it! : )

    Sharon xx