Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sleep i need sleep

Now what i want to talk about is sleep or lack of. How come my first born was the calmest baby ever, and went to bed and slept throught the night from 6 weeks old. Now his sister is the complete opposite and age 1 yr and 2 weeks - will not sleep in her cot. She will sleep for an hour and then wake up and put her in bed with me and the zzzzz's begin. It's so not ideal but i am putting up with it cos its a darn sight easier than being woken up every hour. I know I know I should have done it ages ago and she was pretty good until xmas when she was ill and slept in my bed and now i can't break her of it - Easter is crunch time - i have a week off and will persist. I WILL get OH to help too - he doesnt know yet!!! LOL I just told him he has to take some time off for family time - tee hee!!! Well i wont worry about that just yet.....
X-factor with no 1 son this sunday at the o2. Well it seemed like a fab idea at xmas time when i was doing my usual thing of going over the top with presents as we all do and buying that last minute gift whihch cost a fortune - yes we all do it! Now I have reality looming, like the 2 hour drive, the £20 parking fee and the dread of Jedward - OMG that last one is a nightmare awaiting to happen. I am looking forward to having quality time with Fluffy cos he rarely gets mummy and son time these days now that he has a baby monster - i mean sister. SO i know we'll have fun!
Daddy has to look after Doodle all day - yes all day - oh and i forgot to metion to him that he has both of them on saturday too - ahem - well i kinda forgot it was scrap saturday with my friend and tutor Debs - check out her blog Life is beautiful. Very lovely and talented friend.
Well enough of my ramblings tonight - its time to catch a few zzz's myself before doodle wakes up! ......and there she goes as i hear a little wail at the other end of the house - AAAAGHHH!!!!

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