Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ready to scrap

Finally i got my photos up loaded from our Hols in Turkey. They took far too long arriving but they are now here and i am eager to scrap them, In fact I have given myself the added challenge of making 2 possibly 3 scrap books for family for christmas presents - as if i didn't have enough to do already!! I never get to scrap my own stuff normall cept at my monthly class with Debs. We did 6 cool designs this weekend but i didnt have my hol photos or the christening ones so had to dig out oldies. Which was good cos i had sorted out all my photos recently and had a bundle of TO BE SCRAPPED. Good job done - must add pics on here sometime!
ANyhow the Turkey pics are here and they made me chuckle cos I have tried (!!) to be a bit more arty with my photography - such as layng in awkward positions to get a good shot of Doodlebug laying so cutely on the bed.
Then theres the one that took me a good ten goes cos she kept whipping the darn hat off her head - i got the shot in the end tho.

I adore this one too - Doodle demanded that Fluffy lay nextto her on the ground - of course he does exactly what his sister tells him ! She is so bossy at 18 os to his almost 9 yrs. He is henpecked by her!
Bless !!

and dare i tell youwhat they are laughing about here.......

well doodlebug had been trying to say SIT but it came out as SH1T - of course her dad and brother laughed so much that she keptsaying it .....for days.....even popppingher head up over the back of the seat on the trian home and announced itto the passenger behind - open up floor please and hide my embarrassment. The boys are now forbidden t o laugh at her if she says it again!!!

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  1. They're beautiful, especially the first one. Very meloncholy.

    CJ xx